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Why Rose Bushes are Great Conversation Starters

by Amy Bowerman

It has been a week and a half since I last posted.  I apologize for my silence.  Don’t worry I haven’t run away to mime college.  Nor have I stopped making “stuff”.  I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut.  I keep comparing myself to other much more successful Bloggers/crafters and feeling like I just don’t measure up.  I keep trying to remind myself that “Comparison is the thief of joy” but just because I know who stole it doesn’t mean I can find Comparison and ask him to please give me my joy of creating back.

The end of the school year has exacerbated this situation.  Big and Yellow no longer comes to give me 4 hours of peace and quiet and I’m running out of excuses to avoid the town pool.  I skeeve at the very thought of it…and quite frankly do not trust swim diapers at all.  I have serious issues with pools filled with strangers, sweat, sunscreen and God knows what else!  Unfortunately, my 6 yr old is not at all concerned by the occasional warm current that drifts by in an unheated pool.  All he sees is a container of fun and friends regardless of the swirls of sweat and sunscreen clouding the water.

Please pardon my rambling.  I have been a bit uninspired to write for a while despite the fact that I have much to say.  How did I get out of this rut you ask?  I have Rosie to thank for that.  Who the heck is Rosie?  Allow me to explain…Rosie is a “Knock-Out Rose Tree” (and what a Knock-out she is!!).  I picked her up on clearance for $15 at the grocery store yesterday.

Rosie Rose Tree

Meet Rosie the Rose Tree

Aren’t I clever?  Naming a Rose bush Rosie…sometimes I amaze myself.  Rosie was in need of some pruning but I certainly wasn’t leaving her in front of the store at that price.  Although, I’m sure the people of Big Y didn’t appreciate my pruning the yellow leaves while in the store.  Sorry Big Y…that’s for all the times I’ve shopped and found a bloody meat bag (that wasn’t mine) in my cart. Now we’re even.

I must mention that having a rose-bush in your cart does make navigating the aisles of the supermarket a bit difficult.  I considered using hand signals when making turns but found this to be unnecessary.  People kept stopping me to admire the roses that weren’t quite mine…YET.  I had some lovely conversations with complete strangers.  All of this happened in the place I hate even more than the town pool…the grocery store.

Some folks just said “Pretty!” as (I) “the crazy lady with the rose-bush in her cart” passed.  Others actually stopped to “smell the roses”, and one man admired dear Rosie before pointing out that there was a bug on her which was probably why she was on clearance.  Anyway, the overall feeling of delight that Rosie seemed to bring to my fellow patrons of Big Y awakened me from my “nobody likes me I guess I’ll go eat worms” artistic slump.  The way I see it if a clearance sale rose-bush/tree with yellow leaves, crumbling buds, and bugs on it can make people smile then why can’t I?

Rosie Rose Tree and Me

Rosie and Me

This is my epiphany face…but not really.  It’s more like “I’m trying not to look too crazy to the people in the parking lot because I have a rose-tree in my cart and am taking a picture of myself in front of the grocery store”…face.  Not to mention that I’m wearing the ever fashionable…”I’ve got paint in my hair baseball hat.”  I like to offset my grungy garb by wearing designer sunglasses…just to class it up a bit.  Here’s another helpful tip if you can’t find a rose-bush to get the conversation rolling in the grocery store and prefer to talk on your cellphone.  I find that it is helpful to talk on a cellphone in the toilet paper aisle.  Between the toilet paper and the paper towels it’s nearly sound proof there.  You can barely here Richard Marx playing in the background on the Muzak channel.

This is especially helpful if you are a loud talker (I’m not…at least I hope I’m not)…we don’t want to annoy the other shoppers now do we?  The other thing is that this aisle is almost always vacant…unlike the condiment aisle or soup aisle which is usually busier than a Starbucks during the morning rush.  If anyone does happen upon this aisle they usually just grab their Charmin and go.  This will leave you free to carry on your conversation in peace.  You can also come here if you need a break from the soup aisle and take a breather.  I’m thinking about recording an album with the band I have yet to join here…we’ll see how it goes.

Rosie Rose Tree Alice in Wonderland Garden

Rosie in Wonderland

Here’s Rosie in my Alice in Wonderland Garden.  Were painting the roses Pink?  Pink, red…ah whatever!  The only difference is a little white paint I guess.  Pardon Floyd my pink flamingo...he has a bit of a sunburn.

Dear Krylon,

Please start making sprayable sunscreen for lawn ornaments.


Amy and Floyd (the glitterblasted flamingo)


Thanks for listening to this Rambling Woman…I considered setting this post to the music of the Alman Brothers (Rambling Man of course) but that’s a big no-no in the blogosphere, plus I don’t like to push my musical tastes on anyone except my husband and everyone that knows me personally :)

Stop and smell the roses today…you’ll be glad you did!


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1 Renee July 3, 2012 at 7:42 am

Hi Amy. Great to hear from you, as always. And although this might sound mean spirited (and it is absolutely NOT) it’s nice to hear that other creative beings get in a rut too! I know that you will find your way out of it soon. Consider it simply a case of post-partum depression. I am pretty sure that scientists will back me up on this. Artists who have just finished birthing a work of art (such as an intense storybook filled with octopode characters and crises, like vanishing color) go through the same low points a new mother does.

Funny you should post about the knock-out rose this morning. I got up early today to locate just the perfect knockout rose online. I have one picked out (it’s red with a double bloom). Problem is, planting season is over! I promise your little tree will be so much happier than my row of them, if I find them in town. It has been over 100 degrees here with no rain in sight. I would have planted earlier, but we have been waiting on some yard projects to be finished up by the professionals. Hopefully with a whole lot of watering they will survive the summer.

Keep your posts coming- I love them! (And I really am not sure how you pulled off taking a photo of yourself with a rose at the grocery store. That’s the kind of thing that makes me wish the parking lot would swallow me up. I will take the pee contaminated, but highly-chlorinated, swimming pool any day! After all, like my mother always reminded me, urine is sterile. – Now that I think about it, she never got in the pool with us.)
Renee recently posted..Coconut CakeMy Profile


2 Amy Bowerman July 4, 2012 at 10:18 am

Renee you always make me smile…and sometimes spit my coffee on my computer screen from laughing! I think your right about the post partum…as much as I love Art Journaling finishing up the Octopode book has left me saying…”I’m never having kids again!!” “One and Done!!” Slowly but surely I’m working my creative mojo back up to full speed. I’m taking the little guy to the pool for a swim lesson tomorrow…I bought a hazmat suit just for the occasion. Thanks for all of the laughs and encouragement!


3 Laura / Pet Scribbles June 28, 2012 at 6:38 pm

Amy, this post was great! Love your humor, even when you’re describing something not very humorous! I hope that you find your joy of creating soon, hopefully it just fell behind the sofa. And I also hope your poor flamingo’s sunburn gets better too. 😉
Laura / Pet Scribbles recently posted..Mod Podge Rocks! Book Review & Giveaway, courtesy of Lark CraftsMy Profile


4 Amy Bowerman June 29, 2012 at 9:49 am

Thanks Laura! Good news…I found it behind the sofa! It was covered in cat hair (note to self vacuum under couch) but I also found a dollar and a BHG magazine I hadn’t finished reading…score!!


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