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Vintage Baseball Scrapbook — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Vintage Baseball Scrapbook

by Amy Bowerman

The past few weeks have been really hard on my family.  On October 14, 2011 we said goodbye to our Patriarch…my Grandfather.  While at my Grandparents house one of my Uncles discovered a vintage baseball scrapbook my Grandfather had kept.  Within the scrapbook pages we found a letter from the New York Yankees about his contract with them.

Yes, it’s true my Grandfather played for the New York Yankees!  Would you believe one of my Uncles is a Red Sox fan??  I come from a long line of sports nuts but somehow that gene passed me by.  It was very important to my Father and his brothers (my 5 Uncles…I know 6 boys…my Grandmother is in line for Sainthood!)  that my Grandfather’s baseball history be showcased at the Wake and Funeral.

When it comes to picking teams for family games of softball or wiffle ball I’m usually the last on the list but in this case the decision was unanimous that I would be the one to pinch hit for my Grandfather to honor his baseball history.  These scrapbook pages were created the day my Grandfather passed away I attempted to post them earlier but could not get through the post without choking up.  Today I checked in on Grungy Monday and the challenge is to create a piece to honor someone who has passed away and this brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you Linda for giving me the courage to honor my Grandfather.  My Grandfather was my biggest supporter for my artistic aspirations.  When everyone else said “starving artist”  my Grandfather encouraged me to pursue my passion.  He was the first person to frame my artwork…a family portrait that I drew when I was 11 (in crayon) and it still hangs in his home and has become a family favorite almost 20 years later.

Vintage baseball scrapbook layout

This is a scrapbook within a scrap-book page.  The size of my Grandfather’s scrapbook was too large to fit any of the modern page protectors so I made color copies of his original page and used a Tim Holtz paper distresser and Antique Linen Distress ink to age the snippets and arrange them just like he had on the new page.   The photo is my Grandfather in his baseball uniform…also a color copy with Distress.  I had everyone fooled into thinking I had used the originals!  Behold the power of Distress :)

vintage baseball scrapbook

Memories Frozen in time

The New York Giants card is also a color copy and was given the same treatment.  I added a bit of brushed corduroy to the edges to match the original.  I love that it has my grandfather’s finger prints on it.

Dave Bowerman Yankee newspaper Clipping

My Pop played for the Yankees!!

Here is a closeup shot of the newspaper article and photo of my Grandfather.

Frank Bowerman baseball card

This is Frank Bowerman’s Baseball card.  He is the one pictured in the newspaper clipping.  My husband found this card on wiki.  Pretty neat huh?

vintage baseball scrapbook layout

A letter from the New York Yankees

This is the letter my Grandfather received from the New York Yankees about his contract with them.  Core’dinations card stock from the Tim Holtz Ranger collection was used for the background and distressed with a Tim Holtz sanding grip.  I also added some clippings from another page out of my Grandfather’s scrapbook.  Again I had everyone in a panic thinking I had used the original letter and envelope.  It’s amazing what you can do with a color copier and Distress Ink!  A copy of the original envelope was mounted on a regular envelope and it looks just like the real thing :)

Dave Bowerman New York Yankees contract

Dear Dave….

Here you can see the text of the letter.  How cool is this?  My Grandfather only played with them for two years before moving the family to Connecticut and taking a job at the Southern Connecticut gas company.

Dave Bowerman vintage Yankee's newspaper clipping

The Yankee’s scored…

This is a newspaper clipping from my Grandfather’s scrapbook about a Yankee game he played in.

Dave Bowerman Baseball stats

Dave Bowerman Baseball Stats

Here are my Grandfather’s stats.  Another clipping from his scrapbook….with his own chicken scratch handwriting on the side.  Oh how he loved to pour over the newspaper while sitting at the kitchen table eating “flour gravy” and take copious notes of the goings on about town.

Dave Bowerman team photo

Dave Bowerman June 23, 1930 – October 14, 2011

The one in the middle is my Grandfather.  My Grandfather has inspired me beyond words.  I wish he could have been here to see all the things that have happened for me artistically since his passing, but I find peace in knowing that he is smiling down at me from heaven and cheering me on.

This one’s for you Pop I love you and miss you EVERY day!!




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1 Luanne October 26, 2012 at 2:06 pm

As far as I know there is no connection between Frank and David. Maybe a very long distance cousin relation, but doubtful. I am Frank’s Great Granddaughter. I love the scrapbook page of Grandpa Frank! Thanks for sharing.


2 John Bowerman October 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Do you have any idea what the relationship between Fank and Dave Bowerman was? By the way, that Frank Bowerman card image you used is of a 1909 tobacco card – I have a card that looks fantastic considering it is over 103 years old.


3 Linda Ledbetter November 7, 2011 at 12:27 am

Amy, my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry about the loss of your grandfather. You’ve created such a wonderful tribute to him, and what an honor it is to be given a tour of your stunning scrapbook! You’ve created a true heirloom for your family, and I’m sure it’s something that will be treasured for generations to come. You were so wise to photocopy the originals so you could safely distress the images and size them as you wished, and the results are beautifully aged-looking! Really well done!

This memorabilia is awesome- wow, Amy, what a treasure trove! Thank you a million times for introducing us to your beloved grandfather. He sounds like an absolutely amazing man, and I have no doubt he’s watching over you proudly!


4 Sylvia/LittleTreasures November 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm

What a wonderful post. A what a magnificent tribute to your grandfather. Those grandparents somehow touch our hearts each and everyday, maybe it’s because they are gone and the memories are so precious we just don’t want to let go. But why should we, they helped shape us, supported us, and loved us to the max.
Thanks for sharing your family history and wonderful way you have made tribute.


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