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The Sketch that started it all… — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

The Sketch that started it all…

by Amy Bowerman

I originally purchased the URL for Pluckingdaisies.com with the intention of blogging relationship advice.  I suppose since I have had so many bad relationships in the past and FINALLY landed a good one my friends seemed certain I was destined to be the next “Dear Abby”.  One of my dearest girlfriends and I exchanged numerous emails discussing the inner workings of that curious thing known as the male mind.  She seemed to appreciate my witty responses and no nonsense attitude, and encouraged me daily to start the blog. With new found confidence and somewhat false hopes of becoming the next big, syndicated advice columnist I resigned myself to start the blog.  I figured since I know too well how many frogs you have to kiss before you find your prince I was the perfect candidate for the job.  Now all I had to do was come up with a clever title.

I put my thinking cap on and retreated to my art studio to work things out on the dry erase board (with a rather dried out marker I might add).  The ink nor the ideas were flowing at this point; yet I continued my frantic search for a dry erase marker with some life left in it.  The fact that my studio is in a constant state of disarray was doing nothing for my cause…but then I saw it!  My sketchbook was open to a sketch of a daisy being plucked.  Eureka!  What a fitting name for my blog.  Who hasn’t asked that question at one time or another Does he/she love me? Does he/she love me not?

I raced to my computer and to my surprise the URL was available so I bought it on the spot.  I then did what any true procrastinator would do which was nothing…for an entire year.  However, in that year my creative juices started flowing full force.  I started making all kinds of things…including daisies.  I decided to leave the true love advice to “Abby” and do what I truly love…being inspired to create and inspiring others along the way.


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