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Ribbon Flowers — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Ribbon Flowers

by Amy Bowerman

My Grandmother is in a nursing home so for Valentine’s day I wanted to do something special for her.  I had come across some beautiful ribbon flowers in a random Google search and decided to give them a try.  My sewing skills leave much to be desired.  In fact I have owned a sewing machine for years yet have never learned how to use it (it’s on my list).  This was my first stab at ribbon flowers and I was quite pleased with the results.  They are so bright and cheerful and really brighten up her room….not to mention her day.  All you need to create a beautiful ribbon flower arrangement are buttons, wire, and ribbon scraps!


Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

ribbon flowers

ribbon flowers


These Ribbon Flowers were tons of fun to make.  Not only was I able to use up scrap ribbon I had in my stash I got to play around with vintage buttons and create some beautiful flower centers.  I also re-purposed a candlestick holder to serve as a vase.  Getting creative with your containers is half the fun of creating a ribbon flower arrangement.  Look through your closets, basement, even your recycling bin and I’m sure you will find something suitable of re-purposing into a Ribbon Flower vase!

How to make Ribbon Flowers

To create the rosette flowers simply use a running stitch along a piece of wired ribbon. (Thick Grosgrain ribbon is also a great choice)

*Try to use a similar color thread to your ribbon so the stitching doesn’t show.


For the daisies cut 6-8 pieces of thin ribbon 6in in length and stitch together in the center.


Thread wire through buttons and push through center of flower securing with a dot of hot glue.

Attach wire to thick piece of floral stem wire and insert into floral foam.


Ribbon Fowers view 2

Ribbon Flowers


I love this lacy Ribbon Flower it reminds me of a daffodil for some reason.


Ribbon Flowers view 3

Ribbon Flowers


Since some of the Ribbon Flowers were sparkly I dusted the ones that were not with glitter to give them a little pizzaz and to coordinate with the wire sprigs with sparkly hearts.


Ribbon flowers view 4

Ribbon Flowers


The blue ribbon flower is my personal favorite.  I love the sparkly silver edging on it.  Believe it or not this was Christmas ribbon that I snagged at the after Christmas sale.

You can create beautiful ribbon flowers easily with scrap ribbon from your stash.  Each flower you see here was created with ribbon scraps and the tail end of ribbon spools I had in my stash.  Not only will you be able to re-purpose  your ribbon scraps the variety of ribbons will give your project a lovely eclectic look!


Have a Flowery day!



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