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Recycled Ribbon and Wrapping Paper Flowers — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Recycled Ribbon and Wrapping Paper Flowers

by Amy Bowerman

Happy Friday!  Today I have a fun Holiday craft for kids to share with you.  This year I am helping out with the Holiday Craft for my son’s Kindergarten class. We were given specific instructions NOT to bring a craft that requires paint or glue so I really had to put my thinking cap on for this one.

I considered ornaments and the traditional Reindeer clothespins but these options required too much drying time which we clearly will not have.  While bumbling around in my studio I discovered a box of ribbon flowers I had made from last years Holiday Ribbon.  Everyone in my Family has nicknamed me “Grandma” because I collect the ribbon and wrapping paper on Holidays and Birthdays.  Here you will see the method to my madness with these fun flowers made from recycled ribbon and wrapping paper.

recycled ribbon and wrapping paper flower

An Ever “GREEN” craft

This craft is great for kids with a little leg work done in advance.   Young children will be perfectly content decorating the pots and “planting” the ribbon flower in the decorated pot (which is what my son’s Kindergarten class will be doing).

Older kids can do more by helping out with the beading and wiring.  Kids who are able to use a needle and thread and a low temp glue gun can complete this project on their own.  The best part is that this craft is made with at least 50% recycled materials so you can save green and “Go Green” at the same time!  Most of the supplies used you may already have on hand so this Holiday craft for kids can be created for about a dollar or less.

recycled ribbon and wrapping paper flower

Holiday party in the back!


How to Make Recycled Ribbon Flowers:

STEP 1-  Making Flowers

To create the Flowers you will need a length of wide ribbon and some matching thread.  Using a running stitch pull thread through to create a gathered circle.  Snip off excess ribbon and stitch the two sides together.  I am NOT a sewer this is about as far as my sewing knowledge goes so ANYONE can do this.

recycled ribbon flower supplies

STEP 2-  Adding Stems

To create your Stems you will need some floral wire and buttons.  I like to use 32 Gauge wrapped floral wire and 26 gauge paddle wire.  Take a piece of Floral wrapped wire and snip two pieces of paddle wire (about 18 in) and thread through buttons.  I like to use novelty buttons for Holiday flowers a big ol’ bag can be purchased at any craft store for about $5.  Once the buttons are threaded twist the wire together to form the stem.

recycled ribbon flower with novelty buttons

Novelty buttons = LOVE

Take your stem and put it through the center of your ribbon flower.  Using a low temp glue gun apply hot glue to the back of the button and push the ribbon onto it till there are no gaps…WATCH YOUR FINGERS.

recycled ribbon flower stem

“Nice Stems…”

STEP 3-  Adding Beads

Using some  craft beads of your choosing (any plastic beads will do…my beads came from a bead bucket I purchased years ago for $5 and made tons of project with.  I still haven’t made a dent in it) thread your stem through the bead and apply a dot of hot glue at the top.  This will help cover any exposed gathers of ribbon and give your flowers a realistic feel.

recycled ribbon flowers

Festive Fun

STEP 4-  Adding Floral Picks

Once your flowers have been glued together use floral pics and floral tape to wrap the ends.  In a pinch you can use tooth picks.

recycled ribbon flower pots with Krylon

Painted pots or Gigantic LEGOS?

STEP 5– Paint Containers

For the pots I used clay craft pots for 69c each.  The pots were given a coat of Krylon Banner Red spray paint.  You can use any container you like perhaps a jar from the recycling bin?  Click here to see another flower project with recycled glass jars.

recycled ribbon flower fiskars scallop punch base

Decorative Punches are MY cookie cutters

STEP 6– Adding Floral Foam

You will need to add some floral foam to hold your flower in the pot.  This can be found at the dollar store or craft store for a couple of bucks.  Cut a piece of foam to fit your pot and hot glue it to the inside.  To keep the foam dust from coming out the bottom you can create a base for your pot by using a Fiskars Scallop circle punch.  Here I have used Holiday Scrapbook paper but you can use whatever you like.  Ever wonder what to do with those old Christmas cards?  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

recycled ribbon and wrapping paper flower

Let it Snow!!

STEP 7- Creating Snow, Leaves and Embellishments.

To create the snow cut a piece of bubble wrap saved from packaging and hot glue it to the inside of the pot.  I used Martha Stewart Glittering glue to paint the bubble wrap and then sprinkled it with Martha Stewart glitter and chunky glitter purchased at the Dollar store.  Once the Glue was dry I gave the glitter a quick spritz of Krylon Glitterblast sealer….that glitter is on there for GOOD!

To create the leaf I Mod Podged a piece of recycled wrapping paper with regular Mod Podge and Mod Podge Sparkle and cut with a Sizzix leaf die.  If you don’t have a die cutting machine you can easily make a template and cut the leaves yourself.  To attach the leaf to the flower I snipped a piece of wrapped floral wire and glued it to the leaf.  Once the glue was dry I simply twisted it on to the stem.

recycled wrapping paper stickers

Waste not Want not

To decorate the pots I used a Marvy star punch to punch stars from recycled wrapping paper (you can also use Christmas cards or card stock).  The stars were turned into stickers with the Xyron sticker machine and given a coat of Mod Podge Sparkle.  For extra sparkle and shine I added stick on rhinestones from the dollar bin at my local craft store.

So there you have it a fun holiday craft to make with kids.  You can adjust this craft to suit many different age levels by adding or eliminating materials.  This is a great way to use up recycled materials and make a nice gift to boot…I gave these to my co-workers for Christmas last year and they LOVED them!

I hope your Holiday season is off to a great start!  If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you :)



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