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Post Holiday Exhaustion

by Amy Bowerman

Happy New Year to All!!  Is anyone feeling the post Holiday exhaustion?  I swear the Holidays are like a wedding that needs to be planned once a year.  So much work for one day of festivities!  I’m excited to get back to normal and take on 2012 with a fresh start and hopefully reach new goals and possibly keep my New Year’s Resolution?!? My new years res was to be more active…does going on a vacuum and mopping rampage count?  I sure hope so….baby steps you know :)  I snapped this photo of my yard this morning while waiting for the school bus (It was nice to have a break with my little man but oh how I rejoice when the big yellow bus returns!)

This pretty much sums up how I feel after the holidays….

after the holidays

The Reindeer got run over by the Holidays

Doesn’t this just say it all?  It reminds me of my FAVORITE corny joke of all time….”Last night, I dreamt I was a muffler, and when I woke up….I was EXHAUSTED!!”

Here’s to a peppy and productive 2012!

I’ll be back after a much-needed nap :)



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