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Party Hats

by Amy Bowerman

For my son’s 4th birthday party last November we decided to go to Bounce U.  Since they pretty much handle everything it didn’t leave me a lot of room to be creative.  I did however find a loophole…Party Hats!  It ain’t a party without party hats after all.  I attempted to make my own party hats which resulted in an epic fail and a bunch of my good patterned paper getting tossed in the scrap bin.  Since it was the eve of the party and there was no time to replenish my supply at the craft store (a 30 min drive away) I was forced to buy generic party hats at the local party shop.  As much as I love the characters on the generic party hats I cannot stand those rubber bands!  Let’s face it they are quite oppressive and the kids hate them too.  I have been to many a kids party and seen these hats placed on the kids head only to be ripped off a minute later so the poor kid can come up for air.  In order to alleviate this problem and still be able to use the party hats I got out my ribbon and bead stash and set to work embellishing regular old hats.  I was able to use the beads and ribbon to make the hats adjustable and actually comfortable to wear.  Most of the kids kept their party hats on for the entire party!  The best part of all happened a few days later while I was giving an art class at my son’s preschool.   I had arrived a few minutes early while the class was in the middle of show and tell and one of the party attendees had brought in her party hat to show the class!  Oh how my heart did sing!

Party Hats

Hello Kitty Princess Party Hats

The girls looked soooo cute in these hats!  I love to make things that won’t wind up in the trash…these party hats proved their staying power when I saw one in the home of a friend a year later!

Party Hats view 2

Hello Kitty Party Hat

I love Hello Kitty and will use any excuse I can to incorporate her into my art and my life…LOL!  Since this was my son’s party I had to do something extra special for the boys. Preferably without glitter and pretty ribbon.  Here are the Party Hats I came up with for the boys:

Party Hats view 3

All Boy Party Hat

It’s hard to see in the picture but I used letter beads with each boy’s initial.  Since I was making these hats at the eleventh hour  I was only able to add lettering and fringe to my son’s hat…he was the birthday boy after all.

Party Hats view 5

All Boy Party Hat

Party Hats view 6

Party Hats

I hung all the party hats on plastic hangers to make them easier to transport and keep them from getting tangled.

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1 Jane May 20, 2016 at 7:28 am

These hats are so cute. My niece is three years old and its her birthday tomorrow. These hats would be a great surprise to her.
Thanks for this post buddy..!!!


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