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Octopode Factory Fridge Magnets — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Octopode Factory Fridge Magnets

by Amy Bowerman

Hello all!  I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the holiday season and 2011.  This week at TOFF our challenge is “Celebrations”.  I for one am celebrating the end of 2011 which has been a year filled with ups and downs for sure.  I cannot wait to start fresh in 2012…I have a feeling this is going to be my year!  Lily has just released some fabulous new images that I absolutely love!  I love them so much I made magnets out of them as a reminder to myself that big things will be coming my way in 2012!

Octopode Factory fridge magnets

Eye see big things in your future

Some might say that a fridge with magnets is cluttered and messy.  I say a fridge without magnets is not a fridge at all!!  I’ve made funky magnets for years and have amassed quite a collection.  It’s fun and easy to do all you need is some magnet board (available at most craft stores in a 2 ft sheet for about $5), Mod Podge, and some fun images.  BTW Lily is having a Boxing Day sale where you can save 15% on your order from her Etsy Shop till Midnight tonight (Use checkout code mincepie)

Ismelda Magnet

Your future looks Bright in 2012

The coloring on Imelda was inspired by my friend Steph.  She has one inch plugs as well and would totally rock that outfit.  In fact the last time we went thrifting together she purchased a hat similar to the one Imelda is wearing.

Eye balloon magnet

I love Eyes!

I’m totally in love with this Eye Balloon image!  “I” have a thing with eyes…my art teachers always told me that eyes were my strong suit when it came to drawing…hands and feet…not so much.  All of the images were colored with Copic markers and mounted and sealed to magnet board with Mod Podge.

octopode factory fridge magnets

A Fridge ain’t a fridge without magnets!!

Here’s a peek at my magnet covered fridge…complete with Rainbow magnets (circa 1980),  Maxine bottle opener (“Get Your Buzz on, then Buzz off!!”…cracks me up every time!!), hand-made snowflake ornament from my little guy, and last but not least Captain Caveman!!

I was so thrilled to get back into magnet making and love having the Octopodes on my fridge!  I make a funny magnet for my brother-in-law every year for his birthday….my sister hates garden gnomes so I made him this monstrosity of a magnet this year…

Gnome Collage Magnet

Rollin’ with my gnomies

You can see some of my earlier Magnet works in the background and of course Hello Kitty…oh how I love that Kitty!  The Gnome magnet is a collage made from magazine clippings, scrapbook paper, and images hand drawn with Sharpie….and of course Mod Podge!

That’s it for me till 2012!  Don’t forget to stop by TOFF and celebrate with us…and be sure to take advantage of the Boxing day sale at The Octopode Factory (checkout code mincepie) Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Hope your 2012 is “Magnetic”!!


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