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Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients

by Amy Bowerman

Halloween is “creeping” up fast!  The ghouls and goblins will be here before you know it.  I’ve been in my witchy kitchen crafting up a spooky storm in preparation for Halloween.   I don’t know about you but when I think of witches and spells I always think of the scene from Macbeth and the 3 witches brew.  You can easily create a fun Halloween scene with these witchy ingredients made from polymer clay.  Not an avid sculptor?  Me neither.  Anyone with basic play-doh rolling skills can create these spooky ingredients for 3 witches brew.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

I wasn’t able to include all of the ingredients featured in the Macbeth 3 witches poem here.  I created a small cauldron with Macbeth 3 witches inspired charms where you can see the rest of the ingredients from the original poem.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial


How to make 3 Witches Brew Ingredients with Clay


You won’t need fancy sculpting tools for this project.  I purchased the plastic set below at Michael’s for only a few dollars but you can easily substitute them with plastic cutlery, pencils, or paintbrushes.  I used Sculpey and Fimo clay in a variety of colors most of which were found on sale for 99 cents per pack.  *Notice the rolling-pin I borrowed from my son’s play-doh set?  This works just as well as the pricier versions sold in stores.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Lay a piece of Wax paper over your work space and start with the lightest color of clay.  I neglected to heed my advice and as you can see my “white” clay has picked up all the colors in the spectrum.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Eye of Newt

1) Start by rolling a clay log and keep rolling till you have a long thin piece (about 1/4 in thick).  2) Cut the thin log into pieces (they should resemble after dinner mints) and roll into balls.  3) Bake for 15 min at 275 degrees.  4) Once your “eyes” have cooled add detailing with a Sharpie.  5) Seal with Sculpey Glaze

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Toe of Frog

*Repeat steps 1 & 2 above (DON’T roll into balls)  3) Cut two angled slits on either side to form toes.  4) Mold and elongate the toes by gently rolling them between your thumb and forefinger.  5) Bake at 275 for 15 min  6) Seal with Sculpey Glaze


Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Scale of Dragon

*Repeat steps 1& 2    3) Use a rounded sculpting tool or eraser end of a pencil to flatten balls and add a nice scale like texture *Don’t worry if pieces of your scales stick to the wax paper when You peel them off this adds to the effect.  4)  Bake at 275 for 10 min.  (optional)  5) For a shiny and sparkly scale add a bit of Ranger Holographic embossing powder and Martha Stewart Glitter to Sculpey Glaze (be sure to change brushes before glazing other ingredients).


Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Tongue of Dog

1) Roll a large ball of dark and light pink shades together. 2) Roll into a log and use the rolling-pin to flatten the clay into a “tongue” shape.   3) Gently stretch the clay to desired length.  4) Use a needle, pencil, or piercing tool to score a line down the center.  5) Curl center up before baking. Bake at 275 for 15 min.  6) Seal with Sculpey Glaze.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Wool of Bat

This one’s easy.  All you need to do is cut up some black fibers to fill your jar.  I used a roll of funky knitting yarn I picked up at the dollar store.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Adders Fork

1) Roll red and Blue clay together (don’t mix it too much or it will turn purple).  2) Roll out a long thin piece.  3) Cut into 3 in lengths.  4) Cut a slit at one end and gently roll pieces between thumb and forefinger to create a “fork”.  5) Flatten to form tongue and score a line down the middle.  6)  Bake at 275 for 15 min.  7) Seal with Sculpey Glaze.
Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Tooth of Wolf

1) Roll together white and yellow clay into thin logs (wolves are not known for dental hygiene).  2) Cut into small pieces and roll one end to form a point.  3) Press sides in with thumb and middle finger while pressing in top with forefinger.  4) Create an indentation in top of tooth with sculpting tool or pencil. 5) Score a line down side of tooth.  6) Bake at 275 for 15 min.  7) Seal with Sculpey Glaze.


Aging Jars for 3 Witches Brew Ingredients

You can use an eclectic mix of bottles and jars for your 3 witches brew ingredients.  I used some vintage apothecary jars, bottles from the craft store ($1 each) and jars found in my recycling bin.  It’s easy to give the recycling bin an aged look.  Here’s how…

1) Sand jar lids with Tim Holtz sanding grip.   2) Color Jar lid with Alcohol ink in Gold and Copper.  3) Cover lid with a thin coat of Ranger Distress crackle paint in Brushed Pewter.  *If you don’t have any Distress Crackle Paint you can create a similar look using regular paint.  For instructions check out this tutorial.  If you prefer a more natural rusted look my  friend Carolyn from Homework  has a great tutorial on how to rust metal.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Once you have your 3 witches brew ingredients inside the containers you can dress up the jars with ribbon and raffia.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Rip up a piece of scrap paper to create labeled tags.  You can age the edges with Distress ink or do it the old-fashioned way and singe the edges with a candle or lighter.  Attach your tags with thin wire and add some spooky charms.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Now you are ready to start “Brewing up a hell broth!”  Arrange your 3 witches brew ingredients around a spell book on the mantel or side table to let visitors know “The witch is in.”  Don’t have a Spell book?  No problem.  You can learn how to make one like this out of a phonebook in this tutorial.

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

For witches on the go you can pack up all your ingredients in a festive basket like this one.  I use my witches brew ingredients to decorate my car for “trunk-a-treat” the kids love looking inside all the jars almost as much as they love my bubbling cauldron!

Macbeth 3 Witches Brew Ingredients #Halloween #Clay #Tutorial

Ready to make some witches brew of your own?  Well, grab the kids, some clay and get rolling!  Don’t forget to borrow the Play-doh rolling-pin and your witches cauldron will be boiling and bubbling in no time!

*To make your cauldron bubble like mine just place a battery powered bubble maker inside a plastic cauldron :)

Have a Be-witching day!


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1 Gini September 26, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Absolutely amazing Amy and the amount of time it must have taken to write your tutorial wowser!
Thank you :-)
You’ve got me so in the mood for some halloween makes!


2 Laura / Pet Scribbles September 26, 2012 at 5:03 pm

So the wolf tooth…the dog tongue…the bat wool… these ingredients look so real! Good job! I imagine your kids love these! (What kids wouldn’t?) Love all the little details too, as usual! Also loving your “withmobile” too!


3 ColleenwithMurals&More September 25, 2012 at 11:04 pm

How absolutely gross. Cute! but gross 😉
ColleenwithMurals&More recently posted..Decorating a Fall MantelMy Profile


4 Janj September 25, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Oh Amy, it looks like you are the good witch of brewing up GOOD TIMES! What fabulous creations you made. Bet tons of folks can’t wait to see your creations…each one it so fantastic.
Thanks for sharing!
Janj recently posted..Map-itMy Profile


5 Shahrul Niza September 25, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Wished I had a witch broom and fly away to your brewing party!!. SO many yummy ingredients, LOVING the wolf teeth so much, first thought they were ear wax! LOL. The jars are gorgeous. I can see skulls and green dead things coming up soon :). Oh, must have those spider webs because I don’t go partying at squeaky clean homes for Halloween. You make a great beautiful witch, my friend!. Hugs.
Shahrul Niza recently posted..inspiration : alice in wonderlandMy Profile


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