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Bitter Conversation Hearts — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Bitter Conversation Hearts

by Amy Bowerman

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the Conversation hearts are talking about  the holiday of Love!  Some find Conversation hearts chalky and disgusting.  I find them delicious….except for the white ones (too spicy!).  These Bitter conversation hearts are spicy indeed!  Love them or hate them Conversation hearts exude Valentines Day.  Much like conversation hearts many of us have a Love/Hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  This Valentines day I wanted to pay homage to the sour side of Love for those that aren’t huge fans of the proverbial “Hallmark Holiday”.  I don’t mind Valentines Day but if I’m being honest I’m only in it for the Chocolate.

Bitter Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Centerpiece | Pluckingdaisies.com

These Conversation Hearts are bitter to say the least.  The center heart has been bitten by the love bug…and not in a good way!  You can see by the shocked look on his/her googly-eyed face this one is once bitten twice shy (hush-hush eye to eye…sorry couldn’t help myself :))

bitter conversation hearts

Love Sux! (sometimes)

How to make a Conversation Heart Centerpiece

This bitter conversation heart centerpiece is easy to create with printables , stickers, die cut or paper punched hearts.  Just add wire and some sass!

STEP 1:  I created my bitter conversation hearts with  Octopode Factory digital stamps.   To create the bitter conversation heart phrases I used a rounded arial font in pink (just like their friendlier counterparts) like “Jerk”, “Lose my #”, “Bite Me”, “Love Sux” and “I hate U”.  Is it cheeky? Of course it is but I think even those that are head over heels in love can relate to being less than sweet on Valentine’s day at some point.

STEP 2:  My images were colored with Copic Markers.  Cheeky conversation heart phrases and colored images were mounted on chipboard with Mod Podge, and covered with Glossy Accents for dimension and shine.

*TIP* You can also stamp, die cut  and punch your hearts.  Pre-cut foam hearts and stickers from the dollar store will work just as well.

STEP 3:  Use Floral Stem wire (or paddle wire) and mount hearts with E-600 (or your favorite adhesive).

STEP 4:  Add color and interest to your wire sprigs with  glass and crimp beads.   Once beads and baubles are added twist wire around a paintbrush handle to curl.

Conversation Heart Erasers

Don’t worry bitterness is Totally erasable :)

STEP 5 (optional):  A conversation heart centerpiece wouldn’t be complete without ACTUAL conversation hearts right?  Attach some (sealed) chalky hearts to wire or try to find some of these nifty conversation heart erasers to add to your arrangement.

I had every intention of using real Conversation Hearts in this arrangement (sealed with Krylon acrylic ).  Low and behold I was able to skip that step when I found these babies at Walgreen’s.  Conversation Heart Erasers Woo hoo!  Just insert wire!

conversation hearts light up cup

You light up my life!

STEP 5:  Find a “heart-felt” container and fill with a piece of floral foam or small styrofoam ball.  Insert wire sprigs and cover with…Conversation Hearts or filler of choice!

*I also found my bitter conversation heart container at Walgreen’s.  Walgreen’s had me at Conversation Heart erasers but then I found this treasure.  Yup….it lights up!  How cool is that?

Bitter Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Centerpiece | Pluckingdaisies.com

Whether you are a lover or a hater of Valentines Day this Bitter Conversation Heart centerpiece is sure to make you smile.  We’ve all had a taste of the “bitter” side of love at some point am I right?

So what kind of Conversation Heart are you?  Are you bitter or sweet?  Love them? Hate them?  Either way here’s hoping your Valentine’s day is filled with “Sweets” whether it’s someone your sweet on or something sweet to eat :)

A wise friend once told me “There’s plenty of fish in the sea….you just throw most of them back!”  So there’s that!


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