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Lego Creation Station — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Lego Creation Station

by Amy Bowerman

Happy Friday friends!  Today I have a fun yet practical creation to share with you.  Our theme this week at TOFF is “Boys will be Boys.”  Being the mom of a 6-year-old Lego maniac I know too well that MY boy will always be leaving Lego’s lying around, waiting to strike  the unsuspecting “Barefooter.”  If any of you have ever had the “pleasure” of stepping on a Lego in bare feet you will understand my desire to come up with a plan to keep the pesky blocks above ground.   I’ve made tables dedicated to Lego building purposes, bought open shelving with bins to organize the blocks by color (a daunting task indeed!), and done my best to neatly organize my son’s LEGO Creations on the windowsill or his desk.  This never works out well.  One minute I’m innocently Swiffering the dust off of his computer, the next minute a LEGO creation comes crashing to the floor, leaving me feeling like one of the kings men trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  I spend the rest of the day in fear for Big and Yellow to return with my son, awaiting the tongue lashing I will undoubtably receive for DESTROYING his work (artists huh?).  I finally realized that something MUST be done about the LEGO situation when I broke a Star Wars ship during storytime….no big deal it only took 4 hours for us to put it together right?   “If only it had been on a shelf”, I thought to myself.  Perhaps I could have avoided staying up till midnight mending Sebulba’s pod racer…..and that’s how the LEGO Creation Station was born!!

LEGO Creation Station

LEGO Creation Station

Hopefully this will end my LEGO woes once it is hung on Jack’s wall, where he can proudly display his LEGO creations without having them accidentally broken by me.  I was searching for a drawer but instead found an old hot plate tray at the thrift.  I forgot to take a before picture but I can assure you it was ghastly and practically begging me for a makeover.  The hot plate tray was spray painted with Krylon Magnetic Spray paint.  Just a word to the wise…Magnetic paint does not work so great on wooden surfaces.  I knew it was too good to be true!!  Magnets in a can?  This would have me on my way to realizing my dream of becoming a cartoon super villain and finally catching that Road Runner!  MEEP! MEEP!

Lego Creation Station The Octopode Factory

Octopode Factory Robot Magnets

Much like Wile-E-Coyote my plan was foiled.  However, instead of breaking out the TNT and blowing my project to smithereens I improvised with pieces of a Pro-Mag magnetic sheet that I was already using to make magnets out of The Octopode Factory and LEGO images.  All you need to make your own custom magnets is Mod Podge and Pro-Mag…how cool is that?

LEGO Creation Station Magnets

Make your own Magnets

LEGO Creation Station LEGO Magnets

Interchangeable LEGO Magnets

The LEGO Magnets were made from Guidebooks we had multiples of and stickers from a LEGO Mini-figure book.  The Magnetic strip allows them to be interchangeable.  Since Jack’s taste in LEGOS seems to change with the seasons I wanted to be able to change the look of the Creation Station by simply making new magnets.  The LEGO Mini-Figure book has every kind of LEGO man imaginable….from Star Wars to Sponge Bob!

LEGO Creation Station Mario LEGOs

Jack's Creations....at the Station

In addition to being a LEGO maniac my son is also a Mario Bros. enthusiast (I blame myself for creating that monster).  He uses his love of all things LEGO and Mario to create large-scale Models of the famous pasta loving plumber and his crew.


LEGO Creation Station Super Mario LEGOs

Super Mario LEGO's

This is “Super Mario World” Mario and a smaller “Cubic” version of himself.

LEGO Creation Station Fire Mario LEGO's

8-bit Era Fire Mario and Mushroom LEGO

This is the Original Fire Mario and Mushroom….or as Jack likes to call it “The Mario from the game you used to play Mommy.”  Ah these kids today….they will never know what it’s like to have to blow the dust out of an NES cartridge and slap the top of the machine to get it going again.   Not to mention being tethered to said machine by a two foot cord as opposed to today’s version that tethers remote to wrist.  Ah the 80’s!

LEGO Creation Station Octopode Factory Magnets

Octopode Factory Fridge Magnets

In addition to avoiding a LEGO to the foot and breaking a priceless piece of 8-bit art I received this beautiful “I Love You” picture from Jack yesterday as a Thank you for making the LEGO Creation Station.  Hank and Frank the newest additions to The Octopode Factory are hanging it with pride, fully clad in Copic color….LEGO style :)

My friend Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations is having a “Thrifty Thursday” party stop by and share some of your own thrift store creations…inspiration abounds over there.  I think I may have to take another trip to the thrift myself :)
ThriftyThursdayModernButton1 Thrifty Thursday Week 74


Hope you will join us at TOFF.…we are all about the boys this week!

Have a creative day…and watch out for a wayward LEGO when walking through a little boy’s room in bare feet!




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