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How to Add Bling to Copic Art — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

How to Add Bling to Copic Art

by Amy Bowerman

I had a lot of fun adding “Bling” to my Copic colored Alice in Wonderland images for last weeks challenge at TOFF.  After experimenting with several different techniques I would like to share a tutorial on how to add Bling to your Copic art!

Octopode Factory Easter Garden

Octopode Factory Easter Garden

Here I have redesigned the Octopode Factory Peeps Garden to showcase the latest Easter images the “Egg Plants”.  I had a blast coloring these eggs….no vinegar required!  In honor of the upcoming holiday I have blinged the newest editions to the Octopode Factory good and proper :)  If you would like to see how I created the base for this garden you can find all the details here.   Now on with the tutorial!


STEP 1:  Print out your Octopode Factory images and start coloring.  I hate to waste paper so I always include a variety of sizes to use right away or save for later.  Start with the predominant color…in this case Green for the leaves.

Copic Bling Tutorial Coloring Leaves

Coloring Leaves

STEP 2:  Add color to the rest of the image.  I like to lay my Copics out in Rainbow order as that is my coloring pattern of choice.  I arrange my colors from light to dark for easy  blending.

Copic Bling Tutorial Coloring Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

STEP 3: Adding highlights  As of late I have been using a Zig Painty marker to add highlights to my Copic colored art.  If you don’t have one of these on hand you can use white acrylic and a toothpick to add your highlights in a pinch.

Copic Bling Tutorial Adding Highlights

Adding Highlights

STEP 4:  Cut your colored images out to be mounted on chip board.  If you prefer a flat image you can skip this step…I personally LOVE dimension and always mount my Copic art on heavy Chip Board.

Copic Bling Tutorial Tonic Scissors

Cut and Paste

STEP 5:  Mounting on Chip Board  Mod Podge is my go to source for mounting and sealing Copic art.  However, when adding bling to my art I only use it to mount my work on to chip board.  Using a foam brush cover the back of your cut out image with Mod Podge and place it down on the chip board.

Copic Bling Tutorial Mod Podge

Mod Podge

STEP 6:  Roll it out!  Lay a piece of wax paper over your work and use a rubber brayer to roll out air bubbles and ensure a strong bond  between your Copic art and the Chip board.  The brayer I’m using is from a Mod Podge decoupage kit.

Copic Bling Tutorial Mod Podge Brayer

Roll it Out

Now that everything is colored, cut, and mounted we can add some “Bling” here are some of the supplies we will be using for this step…

Copic Bling Tutorial Supplies

Bring on the Bling!

STEP 7:  Applying Perfect Medium-  For this step you will need Perfect Pearls and Perfect Pens.  I like to use the Brush pen as the pen nib is similar to the brush tip of a Copic Sketch Marker.  Using the feather stroke brush the perfect medium over the areas you want to highlight.

Copic Bling Tutorial Perfect Pens

Applying Perfect Medium with Perfect Pens

STEP 8:  Applying Perfect Pearls-  Much like Copic coloring, when applying Perfect Pearls you will want to start with the lightest color first.  Use the small brush to apply….remember a dab will do ya’ with Perfect Pearls.

Copic Bling Tutorial Applying Perfect Pearls

Applying Perfect Pearls

STEP 9: Brush off the Excess-  This step can get a bit tricky.  Using the larger Mop brush flip your image upside down over the Perfect Pearls container and gently brush off the excess, being careful not to brush the Perfect Pearls on areas of the image where you do not want it.

Copic Bling Tutorial Excess Perfect Pearls

Brush off Excess Perfect Pearls

Repeat these steps for each color of Perfect Pearls you apply.  I used a variety of Perfect Pearls colors between the Egg Plants and Marigold the Rabbit…especially green for the stems and leaves.

STEP 10:  Adding Distress Stickles-  There are two types of Stickles, Distress Stickles and Regular Stickles.  The consistency of Distress Stickles is a bit thicker and chunkier and excess can be rubbed off once dry.  For this step I used Distress Stickles to add sparkle to Marigold’s Dress and bows by rubbing the Stickles on to key areas using my finger tip.

Copic Bling Tutorial Distress Stickles

Adding Distress Stickles

STEP 11:  Adding Regular Stickles-  Regular Stickles have a much finer tip and are easier to dispense in small areas.  I like to use regular Stickles to add dimension….although can also be spread around using your finger tip as well.  Here I have added dimension to Marigold’s Nose and Shoes and rubbed in some sparkle on the inside of her ears.

Copic Bling Tutorial Stickles

Adding Dimension with Stickles

*Distress and Regular Stickles were also used on some of the Egg Plants.

STEP 12:  Adding Glitter-  If you want to add some show stopping, eye-popping bling to your Copic Art Martha Stewart Glitter is my method of choice.  For this step I am using Sparkle Mod Podge and a small paint brush to apply Mod Podge where I want the glitter to go.   The more Mod Podge you apply the thicker the glitter will be.    I created thick and thin areas to allow the Copic Coloring to show through in spots.

Copic Bling Tutorial Sparkle Mod Podge

Sparkle Mod Podge and Martha Stewart Glitter

Place a sheet of scrap paper underneath your work and shake the excess glitter on to the paper.  This makes it easy to pour back into the container.

Copic Bling Tutorial Martha Stewart Glitter

Shake it off!

For any stray glitter that gets on your art use a soft bristle brush to gently sweep it away.

Copic Bling Tutorial Excess Glitter

Sweep away excess glitter

Your finished piece should look something like this…

Copic Bling Tutorial Martha Stewart Glitter

All that Glitters...

STEP 13:  Sealing your work-  I know I’ve said it a million times but I LOVE Glitterblast!  The clear sealer works wonders for sealing any glittered project.

Copic Bling tutorial Krylon Glitterblast Sealer

Seal with Krylon Glitterblast Clear Sealer

STEP 14:  Adding Glossy Accents-  Glossy Accents is one of my favorite things.  Lately I have used it to create Glossy Eyes on my Octopodes.  I also use it to add embellishments like crystals and gems.  If you want a really sparkling eye you can add one in the center of the Glossy accent covered eye.

Copic Bling Tutorial Glossy Accents Eyes

Glossy Accents Eyes

Here I have added some Glossy Accents to the egg as well.  You will need to wait a few hours for the eyes to dry.  Be sure to keep a pin handy to pop any air bubbles that appear.

Copid Bling Tutorial Glossy Accents

Glossy Accents

STEP 15: Adding Gems and Crystals-  Glossy accents makes it easy to add extra bling such as crystals, rhinestones and gems to your artwork.  You can create colored crystals by adding a dab of alcohol ink in the color of your choice.  I used a mix of colored and clear crystals on Marigold (above) and the egg plants.

Copic Bling Tutorial Adding Crystals

Adding Crystals

Place a dot of Glossy Accents where you want your crystals and pop them on!  Wallah! Blinged out Copic Art!  Once the Glossy Accents are dry cut your images out using Tonic Scissors (these work best for cutting thicker materials), adhere wire or a stake to the back , place them in an arrangement and admire the sparkle and shine!

Octopode Factory Easter Garden

Octopode Factory Easter Garden

What techniques do you use to add bling to your projects?  I’d love to hear your ideas :)

Be sure to stop by The Octopode Factory Friday for more Easter Fun!  I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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1 Johnnie April 8, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Nice, Amy. Gonna steal that rainbow plastic tip!


2 Anonymous April 8, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Nice, Amy. Gonna steal that rainbow plastic tip!


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