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Hello Kitty Reusable Birthday Card — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Hello Kitty Reusable Birthday Card

by Amy Bowerman

I’ve always loved greeting cards.  I love making them, giving them, and receiving them.  Like a true pack rat I save them all in the hopes of up-cycling them in the future.  However,  the rest of the world seems to consider cards as disposable and after displaying them for a short time they wind up in the trash.  With this hard truth in mind I wanted to create a card that would not have the fate of winding up in the “round file” as my father likes to call it.  In order to accomplish this I needed to make the card useful to the recipient and this is what I came up with.


Hello Kitty Card

A Card Worth Keeping


The embellished ribbons untie to reveal the Happy Birthday sentiment inside, but the back of the card is what gives it staying power.


Hello Kitty Reusable Card

Party in the Front, Buisness in the Back

My son and I had a playdate with the recipient of this card a few months after her birthday and to my delight I saw it serving it’s purpose… hanging on the door to her playroom.  Ah success!!


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