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Gnome Plant Pot — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Gnome Plant Pot

by Amy Bowerman

It’s my Sister’s birthday today…Happy Birthday Kate!!  What do I do when my sister has a birthday?  I make her a Gnome!  Why?  Because she hates them.  I know…I’m evil :)  For the past couple of years I have glittered a garden gnome for her….she hates glitter even more than gnomes…double whammy!  This was last years birthday gift…

I'm Too Sexy Gnome

"I'm too Sexy for your Lawn" Gnome

I don’t find these gnomes…they find ME.  I knew last years gnome was going to be hard to top.  Unfortunately, this year I did not come across any gnomes… but I did find one of their homes.  A couple of weeks ago I came across a glass mushroom votive at the dollar store.  I grabbed it like it was a winning lottery ticket and from there the Gnome plant pot was born!

Gnome Plant Pot

"Hanging" with my Gnomies

It isn’t easy to photograph a hanging plant…but I tried my best to capture the gnomes in their natural habitat :)

Gnome Plant Pot Close Up

Garden Gnomes in their "Natural" Habitat

Now let me show you how I created this cute gift with dollar store finds and other items found around the house.  Let’s start with the gnomes…

gnome plant pot mushroom

Gnomes and their Home

Here is the Mushroom votive I scored at the dollar store.  I also found this brick of floral clay to fill it with.  I make a lot of Paper Flower arrangements and was happy to find a good amount of floral crafting supplies like tape, foam and moss at my local dollar store.  Obviously these items work well for Gnome Garden stakes as well :0)  The Gnomes are made of Sculpey clay that I snagged on clearance at the craft store a while back.  Although I am not a great sculptor I wasn’t about to leave 99 cent clay lonely on a shelf.  I took it home and hooray!  it has proved it’s usefulness at last!  I used wire to keep the gnome parts together while baking.  Once they were done I trimmed the wire to insert into the floral clay.

Gnome Plant Pot Enamel Accents

Enamel Accent Eyes

I couldn’t believe my “Eyes” when I saw Enamel accents on clearance as well ($2).  I love this stuff!  Here I have dabbed it on with a toothpick to add details to the eyes of the gnomes.

Gnome Plnt Pot Sculpey Glaze

Sculpey Glazed Gnomes

The dollar store floral clay came in handy once again when it came time to glaze the gnomes.  Using a cheapo paintbrush and some Sculpey glaze I was able to give the gnomes an all over shiny coat in one shot by inserting the wire into the clay brick.

Gnome Plant Pot Gnome Family

Gnome Family

Doesn’t the Gnome family look darling in their toadstool abode?  (Each Gnome is modeled after my sis, bro-in-law, and my new nephew Max)  I nestled them among some Dollar Store Moss for good measure.  To create the stake I used Dollar Store floral tape to wrap two large floral picks together and hot glued it to the inside of the Mushroom.

Now that the gnomes had a home I needed to find them a plot of land to live on.  Luckily I had propagated a piece of my Pothos plant for my Sis’s birthday last year.  It was quite small a year ago and she has a long history of plant neglect.  I wanted to give the plant a fighting chance so I saved it for this year.  Pothos are almost unkillable and the perfect gift for houseplant neglectors.

Gnome Plant Pot Pothos

Propagated Pothos

Here I have recycled a pot from last years Mother’s day gift to plant the propagated Pothos.  Even the soil is homemade…I cleaned up some of the rotted wood from the woodpile behind our house and found some of it had turned to soil.  I threw it in the pot and my plant is thriving!  The bird stake was found in the dollar bin at Target….Ok it was $2.50 but there were two in the package and I kept one for my own Pothos plant.  Look what else I found in the Dollar bin…

Gnome Plant Pot Bird Hanger

Bird Plant Hanger

How cute is this?  My sis hates gnomes but LOVES birds…I figured this would balance things out.  Now all I needed was a hanging basket.  Wait a second…I think I saw one on the side of the house where I got the dirt!

Hanging Plant Basket

Hanging Plant Basket

This will be perfect with just a few minor upgrades…

Gnome plant pot Marvel punch

Altered Plant Hanger

I removed the hanger and cut off the top.  After coloring the green plastic with brown Alcohol inks I used my vintage Marvel punch to make a hole for the Bird Hanger.  This thing cuts through ANYTHING!  Notice the Krazy Glue in the background?  I dropped the punch on the ground while taking the photo and broke the handle off my precious punch *Tear*…hope the glue holds up.

Gnome Plant Pot Bird Paper

This pot has gone to the birds...

I found this bird paper in a scrap stack my sister gave me for MY birthday this year.  I thought it would be the perfect trim for the rim of the pot. The paper was cut  into strips and Mod Podged to the plant basket.  * I cut several slits along each strip to allow the paper to bend around the curved surface.

Gnome Plant Polka Dots

A Polka Dotted Pot

Polka dots were added to the top rim with Ceramcoat paint and a tiny round foam brush.  I’ve had this can of paint in my stash for years and use it often…it’s nice and thick yet easy to work with.  Once the paint was dry I lined the bottom of the pot with a tin takeout container to keep the water from leaking out….IF my sister does indeed water it.

Gnome Plant Pot Birds

A little Birdie told me it's your birthday!

Here is the finished pot!  Transformed with just a few items I already had on hand.

Gnome Hanging Plant

Gnome Sweet Gnome

My Sister LOVED her gift and sent me this photo of it hanging in her living room.

This project was created for less than $10 dollars.  I was also able to re-use quite a few items that might have been tossed in the trash.  I went “green” and saved some green at the same time…Woo Hoo!  With Earth day coming up on Sunday I think this is the perfect gift to celebrate my Sis and keeping the planet green!  What type of “Green” projects are you working on?  Are you a Dollar store Diva?  The CSI Project is having a Dollar store crafts challenge stop by and join in!
Visit thecsiproject.com


Have a Creatively “Green” day!



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1 Morena April 20, 2012 at 10:07 am

Hilarious and cute!


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