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Easy as 1-2-3 Fabric Transfers with DecoArt Ink Effects — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Easy as 1-2-3 Fabric Transfers with DecoArt Ink Effects

by Amy Bowerman

Hello my crafty comrades!  Boy do I have something wonderful to share with you today.  DecoArt recently sent me a new product to try… Ink Effects! Transferring an image to fabric is now easier than ever with Deco Art Ink Effects!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3…just Paint, Press, and Peel!  The Ink Effects line features 12 mixable colors and a Base coat primer for fabrics containing more than 30% cotton.  This product is incredibly versatile and works on a variety of fabrics (stay tuned at the end of this post for a link list of creative projects from other bloggers using Ink Effects).  The best part is that unlike other iron on transfer methods Ink Effects is absorbed into the fabric so it doesn’t feel crunchy or peel!  In my humble opinion this product is a Game Changer when it comes to transferring images to fabric!

Check out all of those lovely colors!  What’s a rainbow loving girl like myself to do when presented with a colorful lot of craftiness to try?  The same thing I’ve done since my Crayola days…use EVERY Color in the box! * I even used the plastic that came in the box to cover my work space…waste not want not!

I have two projects with step by step tutorials to share with you today.  Are you ready to see the Ink Effects Effect?  Check it!

Deco Art Ink Effects Ottoman Before

Before the Ink Effects Treatment

What a sight for bored eyes huh?  This lowly Target storage ottoman has served no purpose other than storing junk and giving my cats a boost to watch squirrels from the window.  Time to spice things up a bit and wave the Ink Effects magic wand!  Bippity-Boppity Boo!!

Gnome Sweet Gnome Ottoman with DecoArt Ink Effects

Gnome-Sweet-Gnome Ottoman with DecoArt Ink Effects

Now that’s more like it!  Colorful, lively and full of Gnomes!  This is definitely going to be under the tree for my sister who hates gnomes this year. (I give her a hand-made Gnome gift every year…I think she might be starting to like them.)

DecoArt Ink Effects Ottoman

Gnome-Sweet-Gnome Ottoman

The fabric on the ottoman is a tan, faux suede and the Ink Effects still produced such bold and vibrant hues.  Not only that but I used the same images over and over without having to repaint!   The buzz from all the other bloggers trying out this product is that Ink Effects is AMAZING!  Look…Even my cats think so.

DecoArt Ink Effects Amazed Cats

Even Cats are amazed by the crafty powers of Ink Effects!

I SWEAR I did not pose this shot.  These cats are not trained and pretty much do as they please.  Apparently it “pleased” them to check out my project while I was trying to photograph it.  They do look pretty “Amazed” though don’t they?

Are you ready to try Ink Effects?  Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you started.  I have TWO Tutorials for you so keep scrolling!

Gnome-Sweet-Gnome Ottoman Tutorial:

Deco Art Ink Effects Printed Designs

Print Designs on Plain White Copy Paper

Plain White Copy paper….that’s all you need!  Does it get any easier than that?  I think not!

*I did not have time to make up a PDF of my illustrations for this project but if anyone would like them just contact me through email, twitter, FB yada yada yada and I will email them to you (links to my social network and what not are at the top of page and sidebar) :)

Deco Art Ink Effects Paint on Printed Design

Paint Ink Effects on Printed Design

It’s ink, it’s paint….it’s INK EFFECTS!! Yeah it’s pretty much like the Superman of Fabric Transfer products!

*Make sure you have a paint rag handy when switching between colors.  You don’t want your brush to be too wet and water down the ink.  Also, if you give the paint bottle a little shake you can use the paint that gets stuck in the lid.  It’s like a mini paint palette with no wasted paint!

The more paint you apply the brighter your image will be.  An extra coat of paint never hurt anyone right?

*Please note if you want the outline of your image to show you MUST paint it!

Deco Art Ink Effects Three Coats

Three Coats of Ink Effects...the more the merrier!

See the difference?  Using multiple coatings of Ink Effects will produce a brighter and smoother image.  It will also allow you to transfer your image several times before having to repaint (yes you can repaint the same image…there is no end to the AWESOME that is Ink Effects!).

*Make sure your images are COMPLETELY dry before transferring…usually takes 30-45 min.

Deco Art Ink Effects Lettering

Lettering with Ink Effects…don’t forget to flip!

You can find these letters and more at Lettering Delights.

Deco Art Ink Effects Iron Ottoman

Iron on Ink Effects Design

Set your iron to the high cotton setting and DO NOT use steam!   Be sure to keep the iron moving and cover exposed areas with a sheet of white paper to prevent burns from the hot iron.

Deco Art Ink Effects Transfered Image Ottoman

Be Gentle when peeling off your design template

Gently peel away your design template.  Be sure to take a peek before peeling it off completely to see if it’s dark enough.  If the image is still too light simply apply the iron for a few more seconds.  I found that tracing the parts of my image that were too light with the tip of my iron worked well.

Deco Art Ink Effects Transferring Multiple Images

Adjust Heating time for multiple image transfers with Ink Effects

This image was transferred 21 times before it had to be repainted…how cool is that?  The rest of the images were transferred several times over as well.

DecoArt Ink Effects Stenciling

Yup…you can stencil with Ink Effects too!

Make sure you lift your stencil between coats or it will stick to the paper.

DecoArt Ink Effects Layering Images

Layers and Layers of Ink Effects

That’s it!  I told you this was easy :) 

I did a trial run with a onesie before beginning the main project.  It came out great and since I already had a bunch of images painted  I decided to make a few t-shirts for my nephew.

Ink Effects T-Shirt Transfer Tutorial:

DecoArt Ink Effects Tee Shirts

DecoArt Ink Effects Tee Shirts

These T-shirts are 100% cotton and I had no trouble transferring my designs after priming the shirts with Ink Effects Base Coat.  These T-shirts were made with images that had been transferred several times and look, they STILL have great color!

Deco Art Ink Effects Coloring Book Page

Ink Effects and Coloring Books…a new way to color!

This time I used a coloring book page (oh the possibilities are ENDLESS with this stuff!)  This baby is vintage…1978!  I gave my page two coats of paint and transferred the image to two t-shirts.

Deco Art Ink Effects Base Coat

Prime Fabric containing 30% or more Cotton with Ink Effects Base Coat

Give your fabric with 30% or more cotton a good spritzing of Base Coat.  Let it dry.

Deco Art Ink Effects Iron on Tee Shirt

Coloring Book page = Iron on transfer…What? Behold the power of Ink Effects!!

When working with white you really will need the copy paper to protect the areas of your fabric that aren’t getting the Ink Effects treatment.

Deco Art Ink Effects Coloring Book Page Tee

Ink Effects Coloring Book Page Tee Shirt

Isn’t it cute!  This little cutie sure thinks so!

DecoArt Ink Effects Baby T-shirts

So are you wondering how to get your hands on this crafty magic in a bottle?  You can order from DecoArt here.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook,    Pinterest  and  YouTube (they have a great video for getting started with Ink Effects. I watched it thrice!).

Enabler Alert!!  Ink Effects will be hitting the shelves at Jo-ann’s in the next few weeks!  *Squee!*

Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day!


Disclosure: This post was written as part of a campaign with DecoArt and The Blueprint Social for which I received product to review and use.  The art and opinions in this post are 100% my own.

P.S. My cats are STILL amazed!

Here’s what everyone else is creating with Ink Effects…Prepare to be AMAZED!


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