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Easter Peeps Show…starring: The Octopode Factory — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Easter Peeps Show…starring: The Octopode Factory

by Amy Bowerman

Hello, Hello!  Who’s happy it’s Friday?  I know I am!  This week our challenge at TOFF is Spring!  Spring has definitely “Sprung” here in my little corner of the world.  We’ve had 70 degree days here on the East Coast (Connecticut).  I’ve been on a bit of a clementine box kick lately, so here I go again with another up-cycled clementine box garden project…Check it…

Easter Peeps Show

If you missed my last post featuring the Teacher Supplies Garden for The Scribble Shop Scribble Challenge click here to check it out.  Originally, the up-cycled clementine box Garden started with The Octopode Factory Paper Flower Garden so I have stayed true to my roots, yet managed to change with the seasons.

Now starring “Marigold” from The Octopode Factory

Here we have the latest editions to The Octopode Factory...”Marigold” (the Easter Girl) and the Egg Plants…sounds like a band name, no??

Easter Peeps Show

Exit stage Right

The Scribble Challenge hosted by The Scribble Shop has renewed my love for Craft sticks!  Who doesn’t love a white picket fence?  Especially when it can be painted and assembled in less than 15 minutes!  Go ahead…channel your inner Tom Sawyer and white wash a craft stick fence….trust me it will be worth the minimal effort it takes to make it (I’m such a lazy crafter :))

Here’s How I Made this Project…

STEP 1:  Prime a Clementine box (or whatever you have on hand) with Krylon white primer.  If you have a spray paint color similar to the shade of Krylon Glitterblast you will be using this will help to enhance the color. Spray with Krylon Glitterblast.  Seal with Krylon Glitterblast Sealer.

Easter Peeps Show Krylon Glitterblast

Just Add Krylon Glitterblast

*Cardboard works just as well for spray painting  as break dancing!

It isn’t pictured but the Clementine box was filled with Floral Foam bricks to provide a surface to insert images.  I used hot glue for this one.  You can see detailed photos of the type of foam used and how I created the White Picket Fence in this post.

Easter Peeps Show Marshmallow Peeps and Krylon

Marshmallow Peeps

I suppose you’re wondering where I got all of these Peeps?  That and whether I have a serious sugar addiction (I do but prefer my sweets covered in chocolate…truth be told).  When I was a kid I used to make s’mores out of Peeps at my Grandma’s house (put one in the Microwave for 10 seconds and you will see what I mean).  Ever since then my Grandmother has bought them for me by the bag full at the after Easter sale.  I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t like them anymore.  So what do I do with things that people give me?  Squirrel them away for use in a project….some day.

Easter Peeps Show Krylon Clear Sealer

Seal Peeps With Krylon clear

Some day has finally arrived…yes I have had many of the Peeps shown for YEARS!  I have wanted to make art out of Peeps ever since seeing the work of David Ottogalli.  Check David out at PeepsShow.com….seriously Amazing stuff!  All made with Peeps!

STEP 2:  Get some Peeps in a Variety of Colors *Tip-Stale Peeps work best for artistic purposes…you don’t have to keep them for years like me but let them harden for a few days before using.  Spray with Krylon UV Resist Clear Sealer.

Easter Peeps Show Peeps Rainbow

Rainbow Peeps

To Create the Rainbow of Peeps I wired them together.  I would suggest NOT doing this and simply hot glue your design to heavy chip board…which I wound up doing in the end.  The wire adds too much weight and can damage the peeps…learn from my mistakes “Peeps”.

STEP 3:  Hot Glue Peeps to heavy Chip board.  Glue Popsicle sticks to back.  For extra heavy designs use a paint stick.

Easter Peeps Show Octopode Factory and Copic Markers

Copics are King

I killed my first Copic Marker the other day.  I was beginning to wonder which color I use the most…Y11 it is!  Time for a refill (I so love that you can refill them).

STEP 3:  Color Images from The Octopode Factory with Copic Markers (Marigold the Easter Girl and the Egg Plants were used for this project).  I Like to use a Zig Painty marker to add additional highlights after coloring.

Easter Peeps Show Octopode Factory and Mod Podge

Mod Podge Master

I use Mod Podge on pretty much everything hence I have an entire drawer in my studio dedicated to the multifunctional elixir.  I ALWAYS Mod Podge my Copic Colored art.  Not only does this seal and protect it, it enhances the color to boot!

STEP 4:  Mount and seal Copic colored images to Chip board with Mod Podge and foam brush.  The Mod Podge Brayer works great to smooth away wrinkles.  For this step I cover my work with wax paper.  To add a little bling apply Sparkle Mod Podge to key areas with a small paint brush. Once the images are dry cut them out with Tonic Scissors (these things cut through anything!).  Adhere images to craft sticks, wire, or floral picks.  Now all you have to do is cover the foam with Easter grass and poke your images into the foam.

Ta-Da!  Now you have a lovely Octopode Factory inspired Easter Centerpiece to adorn your holiday table, mantle, head (if you are skilled at balancing) or whatever you like :)

Come get Springy with us at TOFF!   Be sure to check out The Octopode Factory Etsy shop for fun images to create with and stop by Lily’s Blog for a Blog Candy giveaway.

Happy Spring!






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