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Dollar Store Halloween Flowers — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

Dollar Store Halloween Flowers

by Amy Bowerman


I am on a roll with Halloween DIY projects thanks to my latest haul from the Dollar Store.  It’s a magical place I tell you and luckily Michael’s and Jo-ann fabrics are right down the road from my favorite Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) so I can easily grab any supplies I might need to turn dollar store finds into crafty creations!  Today I have a super easy flower arrangement  that you can make with Cello bags.  This one is safe for kids as long as an adult handles the “heavy lifting”…of the glue gun :)

Dollar Store Halloween Flowers | @PluckingDaisy #HalloweenDIY #Tutorial

This project can easily be used for any holiday or celebration you can think of.  When it comes to Cello Bags and wired ribbon the possibilities are endless.  In fact I came up with this idea when my son came home from school with a birthday cello bag with balloons on it.  Yes..of course I saved it!  Anything that crosses my path lately becomes potential flower making material…except black cats I don’t know how I could pull that one off.

How to Make Flowers Out of Cello Bags and Ribbon

You can find all kinds of cute cello bags at the dollar store for pretty much any occasion.  You can also find them at Christmas Tree Shop and the dollar section at Target.  You can pretty much flower an entire party with just a couple of packages too.  For my Halloween flowers I used only 3 bags from each package.

Dollar Store Halloween Flowers | @PluckingDaisy #HalloweenDIY #Tutorial

Cello Bag Flowers

1) Cut the bottom seam off of your cello bag then cut into three strips.  Cut strips in half.  (You will need about 6 strips of cello bag for each flower)

2) Fold Cello strips (together) accordion style.  Secure with a pipe cleaner.  *I used Black and silver pipe cleaners twisted together for extra Halloween funkiness.

3)  Cut the  ends off of each side to form either a half circle or a point, Gently peel each layer of cello bag up wards and fluff as you go to form your flower

Dollar Store Halloween Flowers | @PluckingDaisy #HalloweenDIY #Tutorial

Ribbon Flowers and Leaves

You can find all kinds of wide wired ribbon at the dollar store.  To create Ribbon Flowers with the wired ribbon follow the same steps for the Cello Bag flowers just don’t cut off the ends.   Cutting off the ends would remove the wire and the whole thing will fall apart.

For the leaves simply cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around a few flowers.  Fold the ribbon in half and make choppy cuts to form a ragged looking leaf.  The wire in the ribbon will allow you to form and twist your leaves however you like.


Dollar Store Halloween Flowers | @PluckingDaisy #HalloweenDIY #Tutorial

To cover up the Pipe Cleaner Ties in the center of your flowers Hot Glue Eyes, Gems or Buttons to the center.  This one reminds me of a “One Eyed, one horned flyin’ purple people eater” :)

Dollar Store Halloween Flowers | @PluckingDaisy #HalloweenDIY #Tutorial

To finish off the design I twisted together 4 pipe cleaners to form a branch for some miniature crows and placed them all in an old FTD vase I jazzed up with Krylon Glitterblast.  This project could not have been more easy and inexpensive to create.  Not only are these a fun home decor project  but they would also make a great last-minute gift for a teacher, neighbor or anyone who might need some flowery cheer.  I’ll be making another set of these flowers soon for my nephew’s “Monster Party” next month so stay tuned for that…I have some interesting materials in mind for that one.  If you enjoyed this arrangement check out my fall flowers made from household materials.

Thanks for stopping by…have a monstrous day!


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1 Renee October 16, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Amy, these flowers are so cute. I especially like the googly eyes in the center. They bring that special something to the table.
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