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DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet

by Amy Bowerman

Today I have a fun DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet to share with you.  Who doesn’t love a little arm candy?  Add some funky charms and a tassel or two and you’ve got yourself a party…or at least a cool accessory to wear to one!

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

Now as I’ve said before I am NOT a jewelry maker but every now and again I like to have a go at it.  I may not be opening a jewelry boutique on Etsy anytime soon but I manage to make a few custom accessories here and there.  Wait till you see all the AMAZING Tassel jewelry that has been created for this hop!  Stop by Dazzle-it!  and get your tassel on!

As a bonus, when people compliment you on your fabulous handmade bits and baubles it’s nice to be able to say “Thanks I MADE it!”  The immediate response to this statement is generally a shocked, “You MADE that!?!”  To this I politely nod yes but on the inside I’m totally fist bumping myself like my favorite team they just won the Superbowl.  (IF I had a favorite football team which I don’t because I don’t watch football)

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

Tassels are ALL the rage these days and I was more than happy to jump on the Tassel Train for a blog hop with Dazzle-It.  Not only did participating in this hop recharge my jewelry making mojo it has also given me a deep, deep love for Faux Suede tassels and suede lace.  Dazzel-It has suede lace and tassels in soooo many glorious colors!  You can see them all HERE.

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It


On an aside the tassels are only available wholesale but you WILL want to tassel everything in sight.  “Putting a Tassel on it”  is going to be the new “Put a bird on it”.  You’ll see.  PS that’s my next project so stay tuned…tasselled bird ornaments :)

So anyway, let’s get back to the situation at hand…Suede laced tassel charm bracelets and how to make one!


How to make a suede lace charm bracelet

There are tons of suede lace tutorials on the internet and I’m not going to “reinvent the wheel” here, but I will show you where I found my inspiration and how I incorporated my style into this charm bracelet.

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

I started with two lengths of suede lace, some chain and an “I’ve got this” attitude.  After  two fails I decided it was tutorial time.

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It


All it took was a quick search on Pinterest to find this tutorial at Enjoy the View and I was on my way to becoming a suede lacing pro!

*You can find this tutorial and more jewelry making ideas and inspiration on my Be-Jewelry-Me Pinterest board.


DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

I could have left my suede lace bracelet just like this but I rarely leave things well enough alone. Now that I had suede lacing in the bag I was confidant I could string some beads on this bad boy and really add some pizzazz!

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

I used bead stringing wire, Hematite star beads, crystals and a couple of word beads from my stash and strung them through the suede laced chain in a simple over-under fashion.  Nothing fancy here folks…it just looks that way :)

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

Next, I attached a series of jump rings to the ends of my suede laced chain to attach a lock and key toggle clasp.  I’m a big fan of the toggle clasp especially when it doubles as a charm like these.  Speaking of charms (no Suede laced charm bracelet is complete without them) I carefully selected a few favorites from my stash and a fabulous tassel and attached those to the jump rings.

DIY Suede Lace Charm Bracelet | #Dazzle-It

The words I selected for my beads and charms pretty much sum up this entire project.  I wished I could make a fabulous tassel charm bracelet, I believed I could make a fabulous tassel bracelet and in the end I DID make a fabulous tassel bracelet and I hope you will be inspired to make one too!

Here’s a sneak peak of my Tassel Bird Ornament…

Tassel Bird Ornament | #DazzleIt #UGInstaFun

I entered him in an Instagram contest if you wouldn’t mind giving this guy some “Like” you can check him out HERE.

Stop by the Dazzle-It Blog for more fun jewelry making inspiration and if you are tempted to get your tassel on you can check out all the lovely colored tassels and suede lace HERE .

Have a Fabulous day!


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1 Erin Prais-Hintz December 12, 2013 at 11:17 am

Put a tassel on it! I love the idea of the bird ornament too! Can’t wait to see that one. And I appreciate that great step by step photos of your tutorial. I wondered how you constructed it. Cool bracelet! Enjoy the day. Erin
Erin Prais-Hintz recently posted..Art Bead Scene Ornament Blog HopMy Profile


2 Erin Prais-Hintz December 12, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Awesome bird ornament!
Erin Prais-Hintz recently posted..Art Bead Scene Ornament Blog HopMy Profile


3 Suzann Sladcik Wilson December 11, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Love the bracelet! It’s all kinds of funky cool!
Suzann Sladcik Wilson recently posted..Tasseled for Ombré Necklace – Beadphoria for Dazzle-it Tassles Blog Hop and Product ReviewMy Profile


4 Amy Bowerman December 11, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Thanks Suzann! I was just checking out your amazing ombré tassel necklace that is so full of funky awesome as well. :)

Amy Bowerman recently posted..Spread your Creative Wings ATBsMy Profile


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