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About Me

 Random Things About Me

My name is Amy Bowerman.  I live in Connecticut.  I have been creating since I could hold a crayon and telling everyone to color on both sides so it stays pointy!  I see life as a blank rainbow just waiting to be colored in.  When I was a kid my school teacher’s gave me grief about taking too long on craft projects…”what do you mean I can’t use every color in the crayon box?”  I feel so blessed now that I am grown and am able to create something every day.  I see art in everything and strive to be able to make something out of anything.  Life is inspiring…color it in!

Amy Bowerman | @PluckingDaisy



1. I Like to use EVERY Crayon in the box!

The first time I was recognized for my art wis in the 1st grade.  I won Second Prize for this star piece.

Use Every Crayon in the Box! | @PluckingDaisy #Stars

My grade school Art Teacher Mrs. Brown taught me most of what I know about art.  She always kept a Carousel Container in the art room (see below).  One day as I was admiring it she told me I could take it home.  I still keep my crayons in it.




2. Rainbow Brite!

I Love rainbows!  Bright  colors are my thing.  For this I blame the 80’s.

My Little Pony on Canvas | @PliuckingDaisy #MixedMedia

My Little Pony on Canvas

This My Little Pony canvas was born from a paint book I had as a kid.  I spray painted a canvas silver than mod podged the paint strips on it.  Next I sprayed it with water to make create drips of color.  My little pony images from the coloring book and images from the Octopode Factory were colored with copic markers and mounted on grunge board to finish it off.

Rainbow Brite Bird House |@PluckingDaisy

Rainbow Brite Bird House

Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony have set the tone for my art in more ways than one!  You can find a full tutorial on how to create this Rainbow Brite Bird House HERE.


3. Marley the Sweater Eating Cat

I have a sweater eating cat.  Meet Marley.

Marley the Sweater Eating Cat | @PluckingDaisy

Marley the Sweater Eating Cat

I have written a book about her.  It’s a true story about a cat with strange “Taste” in fashion.

Marley the Sweater Eating Cat | @PluckingDaisy

Marley the Sweater Eating Cat

Don’t believe me?  Allow me to present Exhibit A…

Marley the Sweater Eating Cat | @PluckingDaisy

Exhibit A

This was my husbands favorite Coach Scarf.  Marley got the matching hat and a part of his coat as well.  In addition to strange taste she has expensive taste in clothing.  Her favorite sweaters are from Banana Republic…not sure what they are putting in their thread count but she loves it!



One of my goals this year is to submit the Marley book.  Fingers crossed!

4. I’m a few cats away from “Crazy”

I have two other cats.  I’ve had many cats in my lifetime and have managed thus far without a subscription to “Cat Fancy”.




6. 15 Pieces of Flair

I used to work at TGI Fridays, and yes you WERE required to wear 15 pieces of flair.

Fifteen Pieces of Flair | @PluckingDaisy

Fifteen Pieces of Flair

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked “Do you have fifteen pieces of Flair?” during my employment at TGI Fridays, I would be a rich woman.









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