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A Trip to the Thrift Store and the Treasures I Found There — Plucking Daisies Find us on Google+

A Trip to the Thrift Store and the Treasures I Found There

by Amy Bowerman

Hello friends!  Yesterday I took a trip to one of my favorite places on earth.  No, NOT Disney World…the thrift store!  My local thrift is conveniently located just around the corner from my home.  I could walk there if I needed to.  However, I usually need a vehicle to tote home my wares/treasures.  I visit the thrift store often and man do I wish I had thought to document some of the sights I’ve seen there.  Oh well, no time like the present right?  Would you care to take a stroll through my local thrift store with me?  Put on your eye patch and get your best pirate voice ready.
“Thar be treasures over yonder there maties!”

At the Thrift Store

Everyday is a GREAT day for Thrifting!

I actually grabbed a cart this time…well not really.  One of the employees saw me struggling with an arm full of books and that awesome shelf and he offered to fetch a cart for me.  What service!  Seriously though how cool is that shelf?  I’m going to use it to store my Distress Inks.

Ok so my first stop at the Thrift Store is the Children’s Book section.  I like to work the perimeter of the store first and then work my way down the aisles.  Usually sans cart so I can maneuver around slow shoppers.  I’m on the hunt for junk to alter and no time to waste!

Thrift Store Dr. Seuss Books

Gotta have my Seuss!

I have an extensive children’s book collection for use in altered projects or plain old inspiration.  I particularly like vintage and retro children’s books.  Dr. Seuss is one of my favorites!  My Son enjoys them too and is now reading them to me :)  We read Fox in Sox last night and my tongue is still in knots from the tweedle beetle battle.  I have gathered a wide range of Dr. Seuss books from all of my thrifting excursions.  I like to have several copies of certain books so I can use them in altered projects…I have 5 copies of The Cat in the Hat.  You can check out one of my projects using Dr. Seuss Books HERE.

Thrift Store Quote Books

Thrift store SCORE!

Another thing I like is quote books.  I use quote books for inspiration in Art Journals, Mixed Media Pieces, scrapbook pages and cards.   I accidentally dropped the Napoleon Dynamite quote book while fumbling with the shelf…this was before I got wise and grabbed a cart.  Needless to say I was devastated and woke up early the next day to go back for it.  Lucky for me as I searched around the store for it I found the Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers quote books.  That my friends is a triple word SCORE!

The Wizard of Oz Pop Up Book

I’m off to see the Wizard!

I’m always on the hunt for interesting books.  I’ve found a few cool pop-up books at the Thrift store from Dragons to Strawberry Shortcake.  One of the coolest ones I found was a History of Gnomes.  It was awesome!  On one of the pages you could make the gnome ride an otter across a pond.  Of course I gave that to my sister for Christmas along with her yearly Glittered Gnome.  I never thought I could top that one until I came across this book of Pop-up Awesomeness!

Wizard of OZ pop up book Emerald City

Emerald colored glasses!

Have you ever wanted to see the world through “Emerald” colored glasses?  Now you can!  Enchanting isn’t it?  Follow the yellow Brick Road and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Wizard of OZ pop up book Poppies


Wizard of OZ pop up book the Wizard
The man behind the curtain…

The Coolest thing about this book it that there are small pop-ups within the pages of text!  What a pleasant surprise!  I’m inspired to try something similar in The Octopode Factory Storybook.


So what else do I look for at the thrift besides Kid Lit?  Tea Cups!

Thrift Store Funky Tea Cups

Tea Time!

I use LOTS of vintage Tea Cups for Paper Flower Arrangements and Alice in Wonderland projects.  Of Course you can’t make Tea without a tea-pot so I look for those too.

Thrift-Store-Silver Tea Pot

I would buy it for $5…

I have a strict limit on how much I will spend on Tea Pots…usually around $3.  You can see one of my $3 Tea Pots HERE.   Although, I have splurged in the past with this $8 Dollar Tea Pot.  Watch out big spender on the loose!

I’m an 80’s baby so I cannot resist nostalgic pieces from the days of yore…Like this Big Wheel.

Thrift Store Big Wheel

I LOVE the 80’s!!

If it had been the Cabbage Patch Big Wheel I would have resorted to fisticuffs if anyone else in the store had dared to touch it.  Especially if it still had the Bee Bunny Basket on the back.  I will admit I was tempted to take this bad boy for a spin around the store but since it was missing a pedal I decided against it.

I love the “Boutique” section of my thrift store.  I rarely buy anything from over there (It’s a bit pricey)  but I get a kick out of all the dated fashions on display.  Like these shoes…

Retro Color Block Heels

I totally would…

What else gets my goat at the Thrift Store?  Kitsch, Bric-a-brac, Knick-Knack patty wack…I live for Kitsch!  I am always amazed not only because these things exist but that someone out there paid good money for it at one time.

Thrift Store Bric-a-Brac


I don’t know about you but I was tempted by the freshly hatched Dinosaur.  The Troll pig…not so much.

Thrift Store Dirty Martini

Shaken NOT stirred!

If you are going to drink a dirty martini you may as well go full boat and drink out of a “dirty” glass.  I would break this out at Christmas time and sip joy juice under the light of my Leg Lamp.  “Fra-gee-lay!”

Thrift Store Sad Panda Box

Why so sad Panda?

I don’t know why this panda is so sad…although it looks like his bamboo supply is waning.  I was excited about the jumbo clothes pin but alas $4 was too much for me.

Thrift Store Butterfly Box

Something to alter

Stay tuned for a future post about this guy.  I’m always looking for something to alter and this wooden box won the golden ticket!

Thrift Store Scarf Belt

Something to wear…

I’ve found a lot of cute clothes, bags and what not while at the thrift store.  I have to be in the mood to rummage the racks for clothing though.  It’s a tough job but can really pay off and add to your wardrobe on a dime. This belt caught my eye and for $3 I wasn’t about to leave it there.

Well that was a successful trip to the thrift store no?  I had a great time thrifting with you we should do it again some time soon…Whaddya say?

Before I go I just want to share the GREATEST Thrift Store find EVER…..

Hush Puppy Lamp

My favorite Thrift Store find of ALL TIME!

Isn’t it Magnificent?  Till next time….

Have a thrifty day!



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1 toews blackhawks jersey November 4, 2016 at 3:32 pm

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2 Alexandra July 24, 2012 at 11:25 am

Followed you here from L8 is enough.

I love and am addicted to Thrift Stores. Some people don’t get it. You get it.



3 Shahrul Niza July 20, 2012 at 12:43 am

Oh AMY, want to come along with you again!!!!. Again … Again … (making it sound like Elmo) LOL. This is soooo much fun. I LOVE your thrift store, great collection of vintage children books. Who could refuse Dr. Seuss? I’m still drooling over THAT shelve! . And let me NOT start with the emerald city pop-up book! LOL. Love this post, TFS!. Hugs.
Shahrul Niza recently posted..Fresh Pair of Googly EyesMy Profile


4 Amy Bowerman July 22, 2012 at 11:34 am

La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la…Thrifter’s World! I have been searching for a shelf like that for over a year and FINALLY found one :) Keep an eye out for cassette tape holders…those will work too. Thanks for all the encouragement on the post. I’ll have another one coming soon!


5 Renee July 19, 2012 at 9:54 pm

Amy, what a fun post! I loved going to the thrift store with you and can’t wait for our next visit. I am always so disappointed when I go to our thrift store. I took my daughter to the thrift store recently- her first trip. We were hunting for stuff to use in our mixed media canvases. We wound up at the dollar store. How sad is that? But after reading your post I think, hmmm. Maybe I have been going in with the wrong mindset. I will try again. Like you though, it has to be an ABSOLUTE bargain!
Renee recently posted..Circus DreamsMy Profile


6 Amy Bowerman July 22, 2012 at 11:38 am

Oh Renee the Dollar store is my other favorite place! It’s great for mixed media stuff! The recycling bin and junk drawer are also great places to find mixed media wares. You can add tin foil or candy wrappers…anything goes really. As far as the thrift store goes it can be hit or miss. Sometimes I score big and other times I leave empty handed…it really depends on the day. Keep at it girlfriend someday your “Junk” will come :)


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